Mama Bee provides specialist services for organisations working with young people and communities. Our services include:
  • Engagement projects targeting vulnerable young people


  • Consultancy services for organisations


  • Project and programme development


  • Structure and support for the formation of social action groups, forums and focus groups


  • Service user experience, research and data analysis


  • Evaluation and provision feedback - to inform future business planning

Our vision is to support delivery of good quality provision and enable organisations to better meet the needs of their service users.
Mama Bee's unique and collaborative approach in designing projects ensures programmes are customised and reactive to deliver positive outcomes for all.

Mama Bee offers organisations working with young people and communities an effective and innovative way of capturing the needs and ideas of service users. We have over ten years experience in meaningful participation and engagement.


All Mama Bee projects are participant led, this means that your service users take control of the content and structure of the programmes with the facilitators. This leads to more productive engagement and a sense of ownership of learning and development.



Here at Mama Bee we provide the opportunity for organisations to develop their own fusion projects to work in partnership with their service users.

Organisations consult with us to provide customised projects and provision to meet their specific requirements.

These may include:
  • Decision making

  • Goal setting and progress mapping

  • Developing group work

  • Productive engagement

  • Sexual health and sexuality

  • Healthy relationships

  • Body image

  • Positive identity

  • Raising self-esteem

  • How to identify abuse in relationships

  • Challenging oppressive views

  • Risk of CSE (child sexual exploitation). 


Costs for the design and delivery of a customised project is based on the duration of work and specific requirements.


Right now we are working in some great partnerships under the Mama Bee Fusion Project umbrella.

The TIDY Report – A study into provision for young people in the High Wycombe area who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). In partnership with Red Kite Community Housing.

You can read The TIDY report here

The Relationships and People (RAP) Project – A specialist relationship and sexual health provision that works collaboratively to empower and enable young people to have happy, healthy and rewarding relationships with others.

We are pleased to announce our new RAP Project.
RAP Rangers offer a mobile sexual health service that can be accessed in the heart of communities, via drop-ins or street-based youth work (detached).
We offer all C Card services and the opportunity for young people to develop more healthy relationships with others.




Mama Bee Nurture Programmes offer specialist support for young women and their babies through pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Our nurture programmes are delivered in a progressive and collaborative format which are consistent in quality and practical.

Participants will gain skills, knowledge and confidence to develop their own progress through a series of interesting and accessible sessions.

Mama Bee offers two support programmes:


  • Mama Bee Nurture Pre-Natal

  • Mama Bee Nurture Post-Natal




Mama Bee Nurture programmes provide the valuable opportunity for young women to explore their identity and challenge the stereotypes imposed upon them when becoming a parent.



Link and Build – Is a one day specialist engagement training for professionals working directly with young people and communities.


  • Why is engagement important?

  • Understanding power dynamics

  • Boundary setting and contracting

  • Anti-oppressive practice – ensuring equality and diversity

  • Challenging without conflict

  • Consciousness raising 

  • Productive development


Link and Build is an intensive one day training programme that will enable your staff to apply skills in participation and engagement, directly through their practice with young people or community members who access your organisation. 

Link and Build will support and enable productive development via group work or one to one interactions with your service users.

Link and Build will establish participation skills and confidence in delivery within your organisation.



If you want to know more about Mama Bee, or to chat to us about delivering a project, please send us a message below and we'll get right back to you.

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