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Mama Bee Nurture Programmes offer a series of sessions designed for young women to discuss their attitudes and responses to pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a young mother.

Each Pre and Post-Natal Nurture Programme is delivered over a period of six weeks and is designed to be flexible so the young person can focus on their own identified areas of personal development. 

Mama Bee promotes a collaborative approach to the empowerment of young women and offers something different for them and their babies. All Pre and Post-Natal Nurture Programmes offered, will be accessible for each individual young person based on a referral process and an assessment of the most appropriate content delivery for their needs.


By building confidence it enables the young mum to make informed decisions
for their birth and understand terminology used that professionals often forget
to explain the meaning of.

Emma Barley – Director

Ella’s House 



The Bigger Picture Programme offers a series of interactive, discussion-based sessions to equip young people people with the skills and confidence to make healthy and positive decisions for their future. Understanding past decision making and situational responses is an integral element of The Bigger Picture Programme.


Key Intervention Themes:

  • To enable young people to develop skills and confidence to make healthy and more positive decisions for their future

  • Recognising triggers and how to stay positively focused

  • Re-framing life experience and building resilience, alongside successfully managing risk

  • Successfully managing the influence of others whilst caring for their own needs

  • Identifying support networks and how to access them

  • Strategies to stay active and focused on healthy outcomes




“Enabling this amazing group of young women to explore the use of methods to increase physical and emotional wellbeing has been an exciting process. To see this group grow in confidence and learn new skills for the future has been very rewarding for both young people and practitioners. Mama Bee is confident that the participants have benefitted from the strategies offered in the Assertive Behaviours Programme.” 

Our Assertive Behaviours Programme provides a mix of self- defence strategies, fitness and strengthening activities as well as life skills.


The Assertive Behaviours Programme combines the expertise of a professional self-defence coach and the specialist youth work delivery skills of Mama Bee practitioners.

Young people will develop their competence in communication skills, decision making, and becoming more assertive. The practical skills they will learn via a youth work process, will help to create opportunity for engaging in education, employment and staying safe.

Each Assertive Behaviours session will have a specific self-defence, fitness and development theme and all participants will keep a record of their personal learning journey and how this can be applied practically in the world of education, employment and staying safe.

Enabling young people to be involved in this programme will have a positive impact on their lives by improving their self-esteem, building their resilience and promoting a positive approach to decision making for themselves.


Reconnect is a programme designed to enable young people and community
members to identify personal motivation and aspirations. This is especially
relevant as we enter the post Covid -19 phase. Identification of personal
motivation will support positive self-maintenance and enable individuals to
build confidence around employability, manage anxiety and provide access to
progressive opportunity in the workplace and beyond.

Mama Bee Group has several years of experience in researching and providing
solutions for individuals to gain meaningful employment. There are a range of
external and internal factors that can create barriers to engaging in sustainable
and rewarding employment and training opportunities.

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